Weight Loss Wednesday 2.4–Move

Weight: 195.6 pounds (down 2.2 pounds from last week, 11.4 pounds total)
Waist: 35.5 inches (down 1.5 inches total)
Hips: 42 inches (down 3 inch total)

On diet:  I think the things I’ve eaten this week would surprise you.  After my long run on Saturday we decided to go to Buffalo Wild Wings (we had $20 of vouchers that expired on 1/31) and I got the Italian burger.  It was amazing.  I’m a terrible blogger, so I didn’t take a picture (you’re welcome), but it had mozzarella sticks and marinara sauce on it.  I was eating a really late lunch, so I also didn’t eat much else that day.  I also skipped the fries, which let me stay in a reasonable calorie range.  I’ve also had Ben and Jerry’s Cannoli ice cream the last two nights, but they were measured servings (I’ve been looking for that ice cream for months and my local grocery store had it in stock finally, so I wasn’t passing up that opportunity).  So it is possible to indulge and lose weight, I just stick to lean protein and veggies the rest of the time.  It’s about balance.

I Googled balance and got this. I don’t think I’ll ever be THAT comfortable with my body. Ever.

On NROLW:  I have the head cold from hell.  On Sunday it felt like my ear drum ruptured and there was Percoset involved, so I took the week off from lifting.  My right ear still can’t hear and I feel very off balance, so I didn’t think I would be safe in the weight room.  I’m also still concerned that the baby may be a carrier, so I don’t want to take her to childwatch and have her infect other babies.  She’s getting pissed that we haven’t left the house enough, but I took her to the zoo yesterday, so I’ve decided I don’t feel bad.  Her dad won’t be home in time to see her Friday, so the plan is to take her to the gym then and sit in a hot tub.  I’ll resume lifting next week.  The plan actually calls for a week off between phase and next week will be the last week of Phase 2, so I’m just taking my week off a week early (that actually happened in Phase 1 as well due to Christmas).

Zoo time is fun time! Avery has been Charlotte’s bff since C was in utero (I’m not joking, Avery was at two of my ultrasounds).

On running:  Taking last week off was a really good idea.  I went from cranky and irritable to feeling great after my lifting workouts.  I did my scheduled 5 on Saturday, albeit slower than planned.  I thought I was going so slow because of the slush and significant number of steep hills, but I came home and basically got sicker as the day went on, so I guess that explains that.  I tried a new, faster pace group this week, but the “coaches” left a few of us at the water stop (it’s a huge group, so we weren’t even given a chance to drink our water before they left).  I think I might go back to my old group, but I’m undecided.  My friend who I normally run with isn’t coming back again this spring, so I need to find a group I can tolerate.  Mandy (who is my bff/the speed I aim to be someday), suggested I stick with the new, faster group because it’ll make it easier to move to an even faster group this summer.

If you are so fast, push me on this car!

I feel like weight loss is going so much faster this time because I move so much.  I only change diapers upstairs, so I am running up and down the stairs regularly.  The dogs now get 2-3 miles of walking every week day (weather allowing, of course).  My walks are also more work with a stroller and rapidly growing baby.  I also choose activities like the zoo over going to the movies (a movie theater is not baby friendly).  Now that I’m used to being so active, I tend to prefer doing something to sitting around.  I’m sure it also helps burn up calories a little faster (along with all the added muscle).

We learned our zoo has dinosaurs. Heck yes!


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Married 20-something in flux and trying to cope by running and occasionally crafting.
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8 Responses to Weight Loss Wednesday 2.4–Move

  1. Terzah says:

    That balance picture cracked me up. I don’t ever WANT to be that comfortable in my body. There is no other human being I want that close to my ass ever.

    You’re doing great on the weight loss. But I’m mad at you for mentioning that there is a such thing as cannoli ice cream in the world. First you introduce me to that fabulous brownie place and now this……

  2. Army Amy says:

    A pace group that leaves people behind is not a good pace group, in my humble opinion. I’d ditch ’em. Like I said, just my two cents.

    As for that balance picture, I can’t stop looking at it. It’s so strange yet so amazing. Must look away.*

    • That’s sort of what I’m thinking about the pace group. Sometimes I think I’d be better off training alone instead of dealing with group politics and these so-called coaches shoving absurd rhetoric down my throat.
      Wow, I didn’t realize how bitter I’d gotten!

      That picture is freaky. The people look so shiny!

  3. Holly says:

    OMG terrifying photo. Face on butt? Yikes. No thank you.

  4. Mandy says:

    That picture is going to give me nightmares. No one should be that shiny.

    The other pictures though – of course – are adorable.

    You know how I feel on the pace group, I think you should stick it out. I think the size of the group can make it forgivable – ONCE. And now that it’s been pointed out, it shouldn’t happen again. Besides, I want you to keep getting faster so that we an have our awesome conversations on the trails again!

  5. Sounds like your kicking ass!
    When people ask me how I possibly work out so much, I tell them that it just becomes habit and I prefer working out more because I feel better. You just need to do it long enough that it becomes habit. Sounds like you’ve reached that point! I hope you took a really good “before” picture and take pictures every week along the way. Then you have to post them all for us when you reach your goal!

  6. April says:

    Keep up the good work!

    That dinosaur is awesome!!

  7. Kara says:

    How dare you include that picture of my shiny butt! I didn’t want anyone to know about my dire skin condition and pristine gluteal muscles.

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