q1: that time I let Charlotte pick a title

We seem to have reached the havoc and chaos stage of child rearing. Makes diaper changes special.

I think part of why I’ve lost so much weight is the mad calorie burning from chasing my tiny humanzee.  She’s tiny and fast, so I keep losing her under the dining room table.  Luckily, she’s loud (definitely gets that from me), so I can use the echo to find her.

If I really need to lure her out, I just open the happy magic funtime light-up cold box. I think she’d live in there if I let her.

I’ve also had to lower the crib all the way to the bottom.  For those of you fortunate enough to have not experienced this horrific right of passage (my hands have new callouses thanks to removing and replacing all of the hexnuts), cribs have multiple levels that the mattress can sit at so that baby is easily accessible before she can sit up.  Once baby is sitting on her own and pulling to standing, the crib has to be lowered so baby doesn’t throw herself out.

Charlotte’s finally figured out that she lives in a tiny cage.

Unfortunately, Charlotte is not standing very well on her feet when she pulls up.  The physical therapist is working on it by making her do squats.  I keep telling her that squats are way less awful than lunges, but she still hates them.  I think our PT is the reason she crawled at all, so I feel good about her figuring out her footing and walking earlier than I did (my mom says I waited until 18 months and then walked out of spite when she brought home my sister).

This is why we can’t have real furniture. And yes, she is throwing all of her clothing out of the drawer. My little fashionista.

Today was Charlotte’s InfantSEE exam.  We killed some time at the library first, which turns out to be an awesome place to hang out.  There were some little girls (maybe 6 or 7?) that got really angry that the baby wouldn’t play the way they told her to.  They wanted her to sort colored objects into the corresponding boxes, but she just kept eating the objects.  I was laughing to hard to interrupt them.  We also met another baby near Charlotte’s age who she seemed to really like.  I’m planning to start taking her to the library at least once a week now that she’s old enough to want to play and move around.

InfantSEE is a free exam provided by the state (I think, might be national).  We can chose any eye doctor that is a provider, so we went with one in town that was recommended by the county board of public health and our pediatrician.  We loved the place!  They have a giant popcorn machine in the lobby, so my husband and Charlotte were in heaven.

Daddy daughter popcorn time is a thing in this house. And the puggles are really big fans for some reason.

Anyways, they had to use really strong dilating drops on her eyes, which involved some burning and crying.  Then the doctor had to use some bright lights to look in Charlotte’s eyes.  She was in a lovely mood until the drops and the lights.  Probably because the super awesome technician was spoiling her.  By the end of the exam, however, she was pissed off.

Right before the hysterical meltdown. She’s much happier on my husband’s shoulders than anywhere else.

My dad’s rule was always ice cream after a painful medical anything (usually vaccines and blood draws), so I offered to stop when we drove by ColdStone Creamery.  Unsurprisingly, my husband (the ice cream fiend) said yes.  The only slight problem was that we let the baby have her own dish of bright blue cotton candy ice cream.

She loved it!  I just hope that blue comes out of her clothing.

Anyways, the baby had a bit of a sugar high and did laps around the dining room for almost an hour once we got home.  The puggles seemed a bit frightened, but she was having a grand old time.

 It was kind of like that, but sped up a lot.

Luckily the sugar high seems to have worn off and the kid is almost asleep.  Next time she shares a treat with daddy.

Oh, and if you were wondering, her eyes are fine.  She’s a tiny bit far-sighted, just like she should be at this age.  The dilating drops should wear off sometime tomorrow, but she refused the sweet paper sunglasses the eye doctor gave her.


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6 Responses to q1: that time I let Charlotte pick a title

  1. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast says:

    Congrats on the weight loss! I love all the sweet pictures of her, and the short clip… too funny about the laps from the sugar rush. 🙂

  2. Terzah says:

    My kids wouldn’t touch ice cream the first time I offered it (or rather my ice-cream-loving dad offered it–he was heartbroken). I think it was my fault for trying to make them eat plain yogurt. They’ve made up for lost time and love ice cream now.

    I’m with Charlotte on dilating drops–they piss me off. I love how the dogs are always around her in your pictures.

  3. I absolutely love the pictures you share – super cute!!

  4. Kara says:

    You had to lower your crib yourself? That’s what husbands are for. You don’t want to break a nail.

    Faith cried the first time she ate ice cream. She didn’t like the coldness!

  5. Mandy says:

    I never tire of looking at your cute, cute kiddo.

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