My third dog

I seem to have somehow come into possession of a third dog:

This is what happened when my husband went to grab the dogs’ dinner out of the garage.  The fact that she’s wearing a dress with dogbones on the straps was just a fantastic coincidence.

Today was incredibly windy, so we’ve been stuck inside a bit too much (the stroller almost tipped when I was out this morning).  There is a card table on our screened in porch that blew over and keeps getting blown against the walls.  The dogs go ballistic every time and the kid starts laughing maniacally every time.

Apparently she wants her own bowl.  I routinely catch her playing with Delilah’s dish during the day.  This video really is proof that we are terrible parents.  It’s really hard to tell the adorable giggling baby no.

And yes mom, Keith was right next to them and watching for any sign of trouble.

She also has a “cage”. I think she’d rather sleep in a crate with the dogs, but I’m pretty sure CPS frowns on that sort of thing.

Sometimes she consents to act like a human.  And then other times she starts petting the other kids.

Baby petting a dog is cute. Baby petting a human is just kinda weird.

Every time I give up on successfully raising a human, she starts trying to play with the electronics.

She’s obsessed with my iPhone, so I guess she hasn’t gone completely canine.  And yes, that is my disgusting post-lifting hair.  Deal with it.


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Married 20-something in flux and trying to cope by running and occasionally crafting.
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6 Responses to My third dog

  1. Mandy says:

    At least you didn’t hand the dog food to her directly! That outfit is the cutest!
    Love her giggle!

  2. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast says:

    I love that shout out to your mom. Mine is always asking those sorts of questions, too… or we’ll skype, and she’ll say, did L just put something in her mouth? Mom- she’s now 3! She’s been chewing and swallowing for a few years now. 🙂

  3. Glad to see the pack is accepting her so well! Should I start bringing her dog biscuits, too? Mom

  4. Terzah says:

    My sister used to eat dog food. I still kind of want to be a dog. It’s a good life. Right now Charlotte has the best of both worlds!

  5. omgsh that last pic is sooo cute!
    It has been super windy here too – comfort of home is best!

  6. Tracy says:

    One of the best things I’ve ever seen was when my cousin inadvertently taught his two year old daughter the command “sit” after she repeatedly saw that the dogs got treats when they did it. Best party trick ever.

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