Weight Loss Wednesday 2.9–Two steps forward, one step back

Weight: 187.2 pounds (down 0.8 pounds from last week, down 19 pounds total)
Waist: 35.25 inches (down 1.75 inches total)
Hips: 41.5 inches (down 3.5 inch total)

On diet:   I had norovirus and could barely eat on Saturday and Sunday (and vomited most of what I ate Friday).  I’m kind of shocked I didn’t lose more, but the starchy simple carbs I could keep down are pretty high in calories, so maybe I shouldn’t be.  I think I was probably about to plateau and then got sick, so I can live with this.

Also, Charlotte is severely underweight now and she eats the best if we eat something together.  This does all kinds of screwing with my ability to count calories.  Sometimes I have to take a few bites of her high calorie foods to convince her to eat them and other times I have to give her some of my container of whatever.  It’s frustrating, but her growing is more important than me shrinking.

This is what we think of mommy and her crazy exact calorie counting.

On NROLW:  No squats or lunges for three week and norovirus.  So nothing new here.  I haven’t even attempted to lift this week because Charlotte only stopped vomiting in the last 24 hours, which means no gym for us.  I thought about trying to cobble together a bodyweight workout at home, but instead spent the entire time berating myself for…I don’t know what.  I should be putting my kid first, so I don’t know why I feel like I’m doing something wrong here.

Your neuroses bore me.

On running: I ran four miles yesterday and was really happy with my pace, but during mile 4 my IT band felt like it might explode.  I quit at 4 because I was starting to favor my left leg.  I’m concerned the bursitis is turning into IT band syndrome.  I iced and popped NSAIDs like candy, so we’ll see how it goes tomorrow.  I really need to do 9 on Saturday if I’m going to do the Xenia half on 4/7.  Also, I need to do 9 on Friday because we have hockey tickets that afternoon and I need to have burned off the chili cheese fries I plan to eat.

If I can’t do Xenia, I’m assuming I should write off a spring half.  My only other reasonable option would be Cap City at the beginning of May and I’m not sure I’d be able to maintain my cardiovascular fitness to do a 9 and 10 miler in April if I have to take another two weeks off.  I’m going to see how this weekend goes and talk to my sports guy.  For the record, my longest run this season is two 7 milers.  I missed my 8 on Saturday because I was up all night vomiting.

In summation, I feel like a miserable lazy lump from lack of exercise.  I think I’m actually starting to have some serious issues with feeling compelled to exercise.  I have extreme guilt for days when I miss a workout and I force myself to try to workout when I shouldn’t.  Exercise is great and important, but it probably shouldn’t be all consuming like this.  I’m not quite sure what to do, but it’s probably a conversation I need to think about having with a professional.

The better news?  I’m wearing sweaters that I can’t remember wearing and my size large belt now fits comfortably on the hole nearest the end.  And I took pictures because I don’t always suck at blogging (just usually)!

I have to part my hair to the side now because my normal center part is filled with tiny hairs that make me look mega frizzy. Thanks, post-partum hair loss that won’t end!

I also had to add a huge piece of plastic to my rings to get them to stay on. They go flying off, but I can’t justify paying to size them now and then again after more weight loss.

Honestly, I feel great about the way I look.  I know I’m not thin or even close, but I feel more confident and attractive.  I’ve lost about 38 pounds since July 2011.  I’d like to lose about another 37, so really I’m more than halfway there!


About Sarah S @RunningOnWords

Married 20-something in flux and trying to cope by running and occasionally crafting.
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4 Responses to Weight Loss Wednesday 2.9–Two steps forward, one step back

  1. April says:

    You look amazing!! I’m glad everyone’s starting to feel better.

  2. Sarah B. says:

    I am dealing with the guilt big time too. Been sick for a week and it is starting to drive me nuts! It is probably best that we are resting… btw you look fantastic!

  3. Terzah says:

    I think you look amazing! And don’t feel guilty–you just sometimes *can’t* exercise with a baby in the house, especially when both you and the baby are sick. I hope her weight comes back up fast.

  4. Mandy says:

    You look awesome! Every time we get together I notice how awesome you look. It’s fun because my brain hasn’t yet adjusted to the hot Sarah, so it’s a nice surprise every time I see you! 😀

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