And now for something completely different

Norovirus is the devil.

Charlotte finally started feeling better on Thursday after a week of being miserable.  Two Thursdays ago she screamed bloody murder for an hour while we were driving and had what looked like a sunburn all over her diaper area with multiple blowouts.  That progressed to open, bleeding sores by Friday (even with Desitin) and then she stopped eating.  Meanwhile, we went out for her birthday lunch that Friday (March 1), which I promptly vomited up all night long.  I took a picture of my lunch for you, but I can’t bear to look at it (it was a hotdog with cream cheese, bacon, and banana peppers).

This is what happened while I was trying to type this. I think she’s saying hi.

It was a long weekend.  She finally stopped vomiting this past Tuesday and started eating again on Thursday.  The blowouts ended on Friday.  Her diaper rash is clearing up really well, but it needed antibiotic ointment because it turned into impetigo.  We made it to a year with no diaper rash, but when she got one it was all out.

And yes, rubbing ointment into a tiny person’s butt is a clear sign that you love said tiny person.  Gross.

Oh yeah, and we had her one year well-check on March 4 and they diagnosed her failure to thrive because she’s lost so much weight.  As in she weighs less now than she did at 9 months (but she’s grown two inches!).

String bean baby. We actually had to use disposables for a few days so we could put diaper rash cream on thick enough. It was bad.

Add that to my inability to workout and I was a wreck.  We really needed a palate cleanser this weekend, so we focused on having fun.  Saturday we took Charlotte to her first hockey game.  I LOVE going to Columbus Blue Jackets games and apparently so does my kid.  Even better was watching them whomp Detroit.  This whole winning thing was very strange, though.  The Detroit fans looked even more confused.

Or, umm maybe I bribed her to like it. It’s possible.

Sunday we went to church and then decided to enjoy the gorgeous weather with a hike at a nearby state park.  The kid totally refused to nap this weekend, so her falling asleep in the Ergo was a major bonus.

My husband was trying to take the perfect Instagram/HLB picture.

My husband really wants Charlotte to love being active outdoors, so we feel like it’s important to be outside with her as much as possible.  But not camping, I’m allergic to public toilets and holes in the ground.

That guy was up to his nipples in the middle of the river. He totally caught me laughing at him smoking his cigar in the middle of the river.

After our hike we finally took Charlotte for her long promised birthday ice cream.  The place opens for the year just in time for her birthday, but she was too sick to go until now.  The three of us split an amazing brownie sundae that was gone long before I could get a picture.  She cried when it was gone, so my husband tried to talk me into another one (yeah, no).

Walking around downtown after ice cream. I mostly took this picture so my friend could see Charlotte wearing the adorable hoodie she gave us.

Now hopefully we can put the nasty sickness behind us and fatten this kid back up (we think she lost 2.5-3 pounds).  I suggested we get a funnel and some bacon grease, but we decided that is probably a bad idea.


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7 Responses to And now for something completely different

  1. Terzah says:

    Shudder. Norovirus. But I’m glad you celebrated its eviction with a brownie sundae. Great pictures!

  2. TriGirl says:

    Uggghhhh, what a nightmare. And really, is it fair for them to diagnose her as FTT *right* after she had Norovirus??

  3. Kara says:

    Poor kid! I’m impressed that she lost so much weight, she must have been super dehydrated! Faith didn’t eat for 6 days and she only lost 1.5lbs. Maybe she was sneaking cookies in her room?

    I’m glad she’s doing better now!

  4. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast says:

    We’ve never had to deal with norovirus and I hope we never do… sounds miserable. Hopefully her system will tell her she needs a little more and she’ll be back on track and gaining before long. The hike looks fun! I miss the days of a crashed baby in the ergo. 🙂

  5. Mandy says:

    I’m glad everyone is on the mend! We may need to cut back this whole brain twin thing…

  6. April says:

    You can’t feed a child straight bacon grease. You have to add bacon bits! Glad y’all are doing better!

  7. Jan says:

    Ugh, that sounds horrible!! I hate it when the little ones are sick. 😦 I’m glad she’s feeling better! We have the Ergo too and love it. AND I’m also allergic to port-a-potties. Ironic since I grew up in a camping family. That gene totally skips a generation I think because my son loves it!

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