Weight Loss Wednesday 2.10

Weight: 185 pounds (down 2.2 pounds from last week, down 21.2 pounds total)
Waist: 35.25 inches (down 1.75 inches total)
Hips: 41.5 inches (down 3.5 inch total)

On diet:  I’m doing as well as I can.  Somedays are better than others.  I’m learning that it’s ok to have a meal of unknown calorie content if I keep my portions reasonable and I eat small low calorie meals the rest of the day.  Mostly I’m just sick to freaking death of counting calories.

On NROLW cross-training:  Still no squats and lunges, so after weeks off I decided to try a boot camp class on Monday morning.  I am in mad love and wish it was offered more than once a week.  It seems like a pretty tight-knit group of regulars, but they were all very friendly and the instructor is really awesome.  She made sure to tell me how and what to modify for my bad knee.  I’m also still sore, so I think I got a pretty good strength training workout.  I’d really like to start doing this weekly, so either NROLW will be Sunday and Wednesday or I will scrap it altogether.

And let me assure you that no one is more shocked than me that I enjoyed a group fitness class.  Usually I hate that stuff, but this one had just the right dynamic I guess.  The same instructor teaches a step aerobics class on Wednesdays, but I’m not sure I’m step people.  I’m trying to cobble together some kind of lifting routine until I decide what to do.  Needless to say, lifting on my own today went poorly.  Also, I’m still really sore from Monday.

On running:  Four pain free miles yesterday!  Well, 3.9 pain free and then 0.1 with an ache.  Anyways, I loaded up to do 9 on Saturday with MiT and then ran into my friend who coaches the No Boundaries 5K training group.  She told me they actually have a 10K group right now that would be doing 3 miles.  I went with them and had a blast.  Sometimes it’s important to just acknowledge that the half isn’t happening and change your goals.  I think I’m going to do the Cap City Quarter Marathon instead and focus on increasing my speed at shorter distances.  The group did just under an 11:30, so it’s a bit faster than my half training group, but I kept up fine.  I’m really REALLY hoping that I can manage the Detroit half marathon in the fall and break this curse once and for all.

So that’s that.  Is anyone else getting as bored of this as I am?


About Sarah S @RunningOnWords

Married 20-something in flux and trying to cope by running and occasionally crafting.
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4 Responses to Weight Loss Wednesday 2.10

  1. Terzah says:

    I am not bored at all–I know what you mean, but seriously this is the meat and potatoes of it. You’re trying new things (totally agree with you about groups–usually hate them, but the right dynamics can make all the difference) and shedding them when they don’t work, and having goals but being reasonable about them. You’ve just been through he** with illness in your house and you’re bouncing back. Nope, not bored. Keep at it! The Detroit Half is fun, and it will be yours. Maybe someday I’ll do it again and can meet you!

  2. Mandy says:

    Congrats on the weight loss and enjoying a group fitness class!

  3. April says:

    Not bored at all. Keep up the good work!!

  4. Kara says:

    I think a half in the fall is totally doable for you!

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