What I do all day

Most people seem to think I do nothing all day.  I wish that were true, but I actually do work from home and I have to entertain my tiny tyrant, so I finally tried to write it all down to prove that I am not lazy.  This was Wednesday, March 13.  Oh yeah, and I forgot to write down diaper changes.  Probably because I’ve mastered doing them in a few minutes and usually do them while moving on to something else.  Sorry not sorry.

7:15–I hear noise over the monitor.  This quickly progresses to raspberries, but she’s still laying on her stomach, so I give her some time to wake up while I mix up her bottle (breastmilk with added Neosure formula for calories).  Most one year olds are on cow’s milk at this point, but I’m still using breastmilk from September, so she’ll be on breastmilk for another month or two.

7:30–I go in and change a massively poopy diaper.  Diaper rash is much improved, but I’m putting CJ’s BUTT-er on her until all the red is gone.

7:35–Bottle in the Pack N Play.  I would love to be allowed to hold my child, but she rarely tolerates it when she’s eating.  She’d rather roll around and play with toys while eating.  Today’s favorites include the baby iPhone and Senor Simian (we keep a monkey in the crib as well because she loves him so much).

7:50–Pancakes in the Pack N Play.  Again, I’d rather use a highchair, but this keeps her from feeding them to the dogs instead (my child is a pancake throwing ninja).  Also then she can keep playing.  I grab a quick muffin while she eats.  I really should start eating breakfast earlier, but I always wait until I get hungry so my Synthroid has plenty of time to absorb.

A naked baby is a happy baby

8:05–Time for clothes!  Dressing her on my lap is much easier than on a changing table.  She hates clothes.

I love tiny baby hoodies!

Doesn’t everyone eat pancakes laying down?

8:10–More pancakes.  Charlotte likes a break when she eats, so we always wait 5 minutes and offer her food again.

8:15–More milk.  Charlotte was waving her empty bottle at me, so I gave her another 3 ounces.  Hungry baby looked longer this morning, so I think she’s growing.

8:23–Threw the bottle aside, so I gave her back the last of the three pancakes I warmed up.  This kid is a machine.

8:35–We finally make it out of the house and head to the YMCA.  This is after a frantic search for my car keys while the kid shrieks and the dogs bark in their crates


8:50-10:10–The kid is at ChildWatch and having a blast while I workout and shower.  Then we come home.

The BOB is the single best baby thing I own.

10:30–We do our usual post gym walk. 1.25 miles and the kid falls asleep in the stroller.  No bueno.

I’m supposed to be napping.

10:50–I wake the kid up against my better judgement and we go inside for a bottle.  I put her back down by 11:15, but she’s more interested in playing.  Meanwhile, I eat part of my lunch because I’m SO hungry.

11:45–Baby never fell asleep and starts howling.  She is in hysterics when I try giving her back her pacifier, so I take her downstairs for food.  She has no interest in anything substantial, so she ends up eating 4 vanilla wafers along with a few ravioli and some veggie straws.

12:20–I give her another bottle in the Pack n Play.  For some reason she holds on to one sock.  She’s done eating by 12:30, but plays happily for 15 minutes.  Once the whining starts I take her back up to her crib.  She promptly starts wrestling with Mr. Kittington.

12:45-3:08–Finally napping.  I work the whole time she’s sleeping.  I also got up at 5:30 and worked until she woke up.

3:08-3:45–She plays in her crib while I try to corral and not murder the dog.  Counter surfacing little asshole.

3:45-3:50–I try to teach her to use a snack container and fail horribly.

Mommy really needed a nap.

3:50-4:20–We play.  I still want to murder the dog, so I decide to leave early and go to the pharmacy before church.

Bean likes the fish.

4:30–We screw around at the grocery store after picking up my prescriptions at the attached pharmacy.  I also get aluminum foil because we are totally out.

5:10–Head to church.  I hate traffic so much.

5:20–We get to church and I look for my favorite 3 year old while Charlotte hangs out with one of her favorite people who tries to teach her to color.

5:30–Dinner.  Charlotte eats an entire piece of garlic bread and then demands to be allowed to play on the floor.  Luckily everyone adores her, so no one minds.

6:00-7:15–We play and watch skits and help clean up.  Then we head home to see daddy who has just gotten back from working two hours away.

7:30–I got Charlotte a new cup to try at the grocery store.  We fill it full of chocolate milk and she goes to town.  Too bad she hasn’t mastered swallowing big mouthfuls yet.

8:00–Bathtime (finally)!  This is a bit of a late night for us, but Charlotte is the freaking Energizer Bunny.

8:15-8:25–Bedtime bottle in our bed.

8:30–Teeth brushed, lights out!  I head straight to bed so I am ready to be up at 5:00 AM for my run.

So yeah, not bored.  Mostly I’m wondering why I never get to nap.  I thought being a stay at home mom involved a lot more napping.  I still think I have it easier than if I worked full-time and I’m really thankful we’ve found a way to make this financially feasible!


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Married 20-something in flux and trying to cope by running and occasionally crafting.
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5 Responses to What I do all day

  1. Basically, C has the life I want right now. Eating pancakes and bread all day while rolling around on the floor with a sock in my hand.

  2. Grace says:

    That seems like a pretty intense day (in that you don’t really have any free time). Good for you for being so productive/focused!

  3. April says:

    Oh, no! You *have* to work those naps in. I don’t know how you do it, gal!

  4. Army Amy says:

    Who said you don’t do anything all day? Was that person drinking crazy juice?

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