Weight Loss Wednesday 2.16–Goodbye plateau!

Weight: 177.8 pounds (down 2.4 pounds this week, down 27.4 pounds total)
Waist: 32.25 inches (down 4.75 inches total)
Hips: 39 inches (down 6 inches total)

I finally weight less than the weight (that I made up) on my driver’s license!  I was so horrified when we moved to a state that requires that on your license.  I told my husband I want to “lose” my license and get a new one when I hit my yet-to-be-determined goal weight.

On diet:  I’m actually starving all the time and despite indulging some, I’m back on track with weight loss.  I need to eat a better ratio of protein to carbs to fat, which will hopefully stop the crazy cravings (I’m dreaming about pizza this week).  It’s not that I wouldn’t eat the stuff I’m craving, but I don’t have it in the house and I don’t want to spend the money.  Funny how our newish budget makes me eat better.  I’m not willing to spend money on junk food, so I don’t have it around to eat.  So sorry, so cheap.

On NROLW cross-training:  Yoga is really helping to loosen up my hamstrings, although I’m pretty sure I’ll never be able to touch my toes.  Is that a common runner thing?  My legs are so tight, especially after my long runs.  Anyways, I’m really enjoying doing group fitness, but my gym doesn’t offer Body Pump and the only possibly equivalent class doesn’t work on my schedule which means I’m worried that I’m neglecting true strength training.  I think I need to find a home based routine or start lifting on Sunday.  I am definitely getting ab work in, though.  My abs are starting to get the tiniest hint of definition under a rather thick layer of fat.  And no, you may not have pictures.  My stomach isn’t going to see the light of day now that I’ve had a baby.  Seriously, my stretchmarks have stretchmarks.

On running:  I already recapped my race from this past week.  I shortened my planned 5 miles to 4 yesterday because I just wasn’t feeling it.  I think the sleep deprivation is really getting bad.  I also had trouble staying awake on a 20 minutes drive home yesterday.  I’m just not sure how to get more sleep.  Anyways, my runs have really sped up during the week, which is a good sign.  I’m feeling really confident about my decision to move up to the 11:15 min/mile pace group for half marathon training this summer.  If I keep losing weight at this rate, that pace may even be kind of slow by the end of the training cycle.

I feel like I just posted a whole lot of nothing.  It’s hard to be inspired when you’ve been following a steady plan of diet and exercise.  Is there anything you all are curious about or that I should address?


About Sarah S @RunningOnWords

Married 20-something in flux and trying to cope by running and occasionally crafting.
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4 Responses to Weight Loss Wednesday 2.16–Goodbye plateau!

  1. Yay! So happy for you, I wish I had some motivation. I just started WW. But I really need to come up with a strength program to do at home, given the large amount of equipment I have in my basement. Please keep posting!

  2. Terzah says:

    I’m terrible at working out at home (except for core stuff)–I have some equipment (stability ball, bands etc.), but it’s making myself do it that’s my problem. I’m good if I go to the gym. So no advice on that front! Sounds to me like you’re still doing great, and it’s not a whole lot of nothing–these are the details that are getting you to where you want to be.

  3. Mandy says:

    Congrats on the weight loss!

  4. Army Amy says:

    What is up with having to tell your weight for stupid things? (I just got fingerprinted for a new job, and at the fingerprinting place they asked me my weight. I wanted to say, “none yo’ businessness!” Congrats on breaking through the plateau and taking down your driver’s license weight!

    You might have already said this, but is there an end goal in mind? A size or weight that you are aiming for? or is the plan to just lose until you can’t lose no mo’?

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