The Leapster

In case you missed it, we were expecting our first baby, a girl, around May 3, 2012.  I did weekly updates for my pregnancy that can be found here:

Week 8
Week 9

Week 10
Week 11
Week 12
Week 13
Week 14
Week 15
Week 16
Week 17
Week 18
Week 19Week 20
Week 21
Week 22
Week 23
Week 24
Week 25
Week 26
Week 27
Week 28
Week 29
Week 30

You can also check out the post from 5 weeks when the doctor told me the baby was an empty sac HERE.

And the follow-up post once we found a heart beat HERE.

I also did a comprehensive, scientific study on gender prediction old wives tales HERE followed by a post announcing the gender HERE.

My “birth plan” HERE.

I developed pre-eclampsia, which first got me hospitalized at 29 weeks.  I wrote updates HERE and HERE.

I was admitted to the hospital for the final time during week 31 and had Charlotte via c-section on 2/29/12 at 30 weeks, 6 days.

Birth “Story”:
Meet Charlotte
Deciding to deliver 10 weeks early
Meeting our baby in the NICU

NICU Updates:
Day 6 of Life
“Chapter Three”–Leapster goes off of breathing assistance


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