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Confessions (I have run out of ideas)

1.  I used to be a dirty hippie.  Like no animal product eating (or wearing), “no blood for oil” t-shirt wearing hippie.  I still showered more than once a week, though.  As we’ve previously discussed, I went to college at … Continue reading

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These are my confessions (I confess I have lost count of how many of these we are on)

1.  I have an incredibly filthy mouth.  I work pretty hard to keep it at least moderately clean on here (hi, parentals!), but in real life, I make sailors blush (it’s ok, I know you are judging me).  To be … Continue reading

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7 Random Facts cause I’m so awesomely versatile

The Versatile Blogger There are a few basic rules with this award: 1. You have to thank the giver, and provide a link to that person’s post. Thanks, Tezrah!  I’m so glad you stumbled on my blog.  I’ve enjoyed reading your … Continue reading

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Sometimes getting real turns in to word vomit

It is really disheartening to hear the entire city talking about the marathon this weekend. Yes, I have a great reason for taking a DNS on the half and I’m excited about it, but when your hormones are crazy and … Continue reading

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Confessions Round 6

1.  I’m intensely germaphobic.  I always order my water without lemon not because of my allergies, but because I once read that the lemon slices in restaurants are filthy. 2.  I’ve worked in hospitals since 2007 and sick people scare … Continue reading

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