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Suck it up, Buttercup.

While those of you upright US citizens are watching the debate tonight, I’ll be sleeping. SNL can fill me in on the debate. Yup, we are still sickly.  I’m feeling better, although I almost called a woman at the grocery … Continue reading

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Llama Fever

It’s been a week. Just when I was starting to get back to semi-regular blogging, the baby got the flu.  Actually, we both got the flu. My husband was complaining of feeling feverish and sick last Sunday, but I kind … Continue reading

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Reasons my husband is ashamed to be seen with me

1. The following conversation about Halloween decorations on a neighbor’s house: Me: Hey, is that tree decorated with Star Wars characters? Him: What? Me: Oh, never mind.  I couldn’t see that skull looking one in the back very well and … Continue reading

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Tuesday Miscellany and an Argument

First of all, I cancelled my domain.  So for now, pretty please switch back to  The Kate Sullivan is helping me figure out a massively improved (and independently hosted) blog if I ever manage to pull my head out … Continue reading

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Thoughts on #2

And I’m not referring to poop (sorry, Emily).  Although, I could write a second dissertation on baby poop if I really wanted to.  Lucky for you, I don’t find her poop interesting.  Just stinky. Anyways, a lot of people have … Continue reading

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A cheetah and a dog?

Oh hey, I still have a blog! Life with a newborn (or at least a baby that acts like a newborn) is kinda tough.  My hours are quite full right now (Kara, you led me to believe that this would … Continue reading

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And then my head exploded

Oh hey, you know what is absolute hell? Baby acid reflux. The interesting thing about preemies is that they don’t necessarily scream, but the kid has been grunting and groaning all night long, which keeps me up.  Last night was … Continue reading

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