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Join the Movement

April 21-27 is National Infertility Awareness Week.  As you may recall from previous years, we struggled with infertility for 14 months before conceiving totally unexpectedly in August 2011. We have a healthy baby (almost toddler), so most people don’t realize … Continue reading

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Thoughts on #2

And I’m not referring to poop (sorry, Emily).  Although, I could write a second dissertation on baby poop if I really wanted to.  Lucky for you, I don’t find her poop interesting.  Just stinky. Anyways, a lot of people have … Continue reading

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A note on where we came from

It was never really a secret on this blog that we had a difficult time conceiving.  We were told I would never get pregnant without fertility treatment and that isn’t a sure thing. 14 months later, we found out we … Continue reading

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Leapster’s Birth: time to cut

Unfortunately, Leapster didn’t do great after the first 12 hours off of CPAP, so she’s back on until probably this weekend.  She had her umbilical vein catheter removed yesterday and replaced with an IV in the foot.  It took 4 … Continue reading

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