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Join the Movement

April 21-27 is National Infertility Awareness Week.  As you may recall from previous years, we struggled with infertility for 14 months before conceiving totally unexpectedly in August 2011. We have a healthy baby (almost toddler), so most people don’t realize … Continue reading

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A note on where we came from

It was never really a secret on this blog that we had a difficult time conceiving.  We were told I would never get pregnant without fertility treatment and that isn’t a sure thing. 14 months later, we found out we … Continue reading

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Purposeful Running

Laura over at Mommy, run fast! asked me to do a guest post for her Purposeful Running series on running to cope with infertility and miscarriage.  You can find me over HERE today. And here’s a picture of Charlotte (see, … Continue reading

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Wherein good news turns out to be devastating

If you guys want something a little more upbeat, go check out my guest post at Kate Sullivan Blogs from yesterday!  Kate is working on her healthy living journey and asked for some advice on how to get more consistent. … Continue reading

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Weight Loss Wednesday #7

Weight: 211 lb (-2 lbs this week, -15 lbs total)–closer to 200 than to my starting weight! 15 pounds in just under 7 weeks!  I’m right on track as far as “healthy” weight loss, although I still want to see … Continue reading

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7 Links (Does this make anyone else think of sausage?)

I hadn’t heard of this until Kara tagged me and then Michelle tagged me while this was still sitting in my drafts.  And now I feel like I should go eat some sausage links or something (sidenote: I just discovered … Continue reading

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Some days you just need a good brain dump

Well, I got a positive pregnancy test this morning…and started bleeding 5 minutes later.  6 miles hurt and I’m refusing to get out of bed until work on Monday because any position besides laying down makes the cramps worse.  This … Continue reading

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