I’m a 20-something first-time blogger trying to cope with the uncertainty by running. I’m married to K, an unemployed lawyer who is looking for a job.   We also have 2 dogs (puggles) named Rufus and Delilah.  They are stupid, which often leads to hilarity.

I was training for my second half marathon, but then I miraculously got pregnant, so all my training is on hold until June 2012.  Until then I’ll just work on not losing all of my cardiovascular fitness via walking.

In my spare time I’m working on a PhD in Biomedical Science.  Estimated graduation date: 6/2012


7 Responses to About

  1. pawsitivelife says:

    A PhD in your spare time..eh? An MSc kicked my butt and took all my time :). Good luck on your first half marathon! Im starting training for my first full one soon (Disney!)

  2. Abby says:

    I recently finished grad school – a JD/PhD in history – and often talked about it as a hobby to fill my spare time 🙂

  3. Shannon says:

    I’m getting my MBA and it’s taking up all my “spare” time! 🙂

  4. Haha I would love to get fast with my running, too. But I’m definitely not there yet. 😉 Baby steps, right?!

  5. lakshmistar says:

    hey lady, i have awarded you a liebster blog award! thanks for being awesome!


  6. aprilvak says:

    Hey, I gave you a Liebster too!

  7. Found you through bloggymoms(Ohio). I live in Canton and have a puggle named Cinnamon! Great to make contact!

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