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The Controversial Post

I gotta be honest, there’s a few things that have been bothering me to no end and my husband says I should get it off my chest and blog about it.  I’m normally terrified of stirring up controversy on here, … Continue reading

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Confessions, part 4

Well, I still can’t tell you my big secret (soon, I hope.  Husband, you are killing me), but I can tell you lots of my embarrassing little secrets! 1.  I can’t spell the word “embarrassing.”  Spell check always fixes it for me. … Continue reading

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Q(ampersand)A, fro-yo, and a blogger meet-up

Did you know the & sign is called an ampersand? That’s one of my favorite random facts. elohorn asked me about the importance of potassium. Potassium is an ESSENTIAL ion to body function! The first step in cellular muscle contraction … Continue reading

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In defense of salt (why you need more than just water on a long run)

I’ve been getting A LOT of questions lately about sodium and hyponatremia, so I wrote something up on the subject: Hyponatremia, a drop in sodium levels, can occur due to the loss of sodium and chloride during extreme sweating (sodium, … Continue reading

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Happy Friday

Researchers get a little stir crazy on Fridays. Posted from WordPress for Windows Phone

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Well, ok then

So, I kind of quit my job today. I’m employed through my PhD program, which means that I work for a laboratory doing research for my degree and they pay me a pittance and provide health insurance. I’m in the … Continue reading

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