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Oh hey, remember me? I’d apologize for being gone, but I’m not actually sorry.  Isn’t it epically annoying when bloggers apologize for having lives? Anyways, I have an obvious excuse for my absence: A certain little lady has decided the … Continue reading

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A cheetah and a dog?

Oh hey, I still have a blog! Life with a newborn (or at least a baby that acts like a newborn) is kinda tough.  My hours are quite full right now (Kara, you led me to believe that this would … Continue reading

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The time the dog accidentally got drunk

Alright, time to fess up.  Things were so insane around here when C was in the NICU that Delilah managed to get in to a glass of wine.  And drink it. Chocolate wine, of course.  Cause she likes her toxins … Continue reading

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I know, I promised a post on the time someone got the dog drunk, but I don’t have the mental capacity to type it out right now.  Also, really regretting that I neglected to get some video. Currently my entire … Continue reading

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