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Back in the hospital

We will be having the baby at 8 AM via c-section 2/29/12.  The pre-eclampsia is too severe and the baby stopped growing, so she needs to come out where she can grow.  I will follow up when I can. And … Continue reading

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Things I blog about when I don’t blog about pregnancy

Hey, anyone else remember when this used to mostly be a running blog? Yeah, me neither. Anyways, someday (another 6-10 weeks) I will have this baby.  And after my 6 week recovery, I will be allowed to exercise again.  This … Continue reading

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Pregnancy Week 30–Still Pregnant!

Week: 30 Inches Gained (Waist): 12 inches (umm, please tell me that’s normal.  My abdomen is pretty hard, so I’m really hoping that’s all baby) Nonsensical item baby is supposedly the size of: a cucumber (that seems too small), a … Continue reading

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Pre-e Update #2

So, the good news is I’m home.  The bad news is I’m on bed rest.  The urine screen turned out to be analyzed in a way that didn’t really tell us much of anything.  So now I’m doing it again … Continue reading

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Pre-eclampsia Update

Just a quick update:  my blood pressure dropped well back in to normal range, so we are just waiting for the results of my urine screen.  We went ahead and got the corticosteroid shot to develop her lungs on the … Continue reading

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Pregnancy Week 29

Week: 29 Inches Gained (Waist): Nonsensical item baby is supposedly the size of: an acorn squash, a butternut squash, a basketball (is anyone else suddenly hungry for squash?) Pregnancy Symptoms I’m supposed to expect according to Lots of kicks! … Continue reading

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Our Love Story Link-Up (we are not romantic)

First, some housekeeping.  In case you’ve missed it, I’m writing a dissertation with a full draft due at the end of the month (I’m probably about 2/3 done, but 2/3 of a huge manuscript still means a lot of work). … Continue reading

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