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My third dog

I seem to have somehow come into possession of a third dog: Today was incredibly windy, so we’ve been stuck inside a bit too much (the stroller almost tipped when I was out this morning).  There is a card table … Continue reading

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q1: that time I let Charlotte pick a title

I think part of why I’ve lost so much weight is the mad calorie burning from chasing my tiny humanzee.  She’s tiny and fast, so I keep losing her under the dining room table.  Luckily, she’s loud (definitely gets that … Continue reading

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2012, now with (some) new pictures

Someone told me on Saturday that I must be so glad that 2012 is almost over since it was such a bad year. Wait, what? I suppose it started out rather poorly.  February was basically spent in and out of … Continue reading

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Baby’s First Christmas (with an obscene amount of pictures)

I think Christmas was a little overwhelming for the tiny person.  She’s still so cranky today!  It probably doesn’t help that daddy (her favorite person) was home for 4 days and then had the nerve to go to work today. … Continue reading

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Let us never discuss this again

Sometimes one must just admit that antibiotics are a necessity. I folded like a house of cards when I realized I’d lost 6 pounds in 5 days and I just wasn’t getting better.  Normally for a sinus infection I’d wait … Continue reading

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The Runaway Bunny cures all

It’s one of those weeks. Saturday Delilah snapped at my husband for no apparent reason.  By Sunday we figured out that she was snapping anytime one of us touched her tail.  Somehow my idiot dog broke her tail.  We still … Continue reading

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Halloween, now with requisite cute baby pictures

It’s ok, I know you are only here for cute Halloween baby pictures. I also have cute Halloween puggle pictures. Anyways, somehow Charlotte ended up with two Halloween outfits and her costume.  My mom had bought a 6-9 month outfit … Continue reading

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