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A Tale of Five Houses

Yes, that’s right, we are on house #5. I’ve been told our experience is atypical at best, but this is getting ridiculous. We really thought #3 was a done deal, as I mentioned previously.  The sellers, however, seemed to think … Continue reading

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11 things because I am too sick to breathe

I got tagged for this sucker twice and I’m sick as all get out (I know, still, but seriously, my lungs decided I should eff off today).  So I’m going to answer both sets of 11 questions instead of coming … Continue reading

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Pregnancy Week 26–99 Days to Go

Week: 26 Inches Gained (Waist): Total 9 inches.  1 inch this week. Nonsensical item baby is supposedly the size of: an eggplant (again), an English hothouse cucumber (wtf, that’s strangely specific), a 2 liter of soda (I know she doesn’t … Continue reading

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Llama drama, which is not the same as a drama llama

We need a pet llama. I heard on the radio that there have been coyotes sighted in the northern suburbs (where we are moving) and that they’ve been on a small pet eating spree because they are mating.  I have … Continue reading

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Pregnancy Week 25

Week: 25 Inches Gained (Waist): Total 8 inches.  I think it’s noticeable.  A sweet Chinese girl I work with got back from her 6 week maternity leave and told me I had gotten big.  She’s too nice for me to … Continue reading

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That time I got to hold an Olympic medal and other shenanigans

I need to be rich. Last night was a special ladies night at the Blue Jackets game (hockey for those of you who don’t know).  We got hors d’oeuvres, drinks, a t-shirt, a seminar on hockey, and club seats for … Continue reading

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Confessions (I have run out of ideas)

1.  I used to be a dirty hippie.  Like no animal product eating (or wearing), “no blood for oil” t-shirt wearing hippie.  I still showered more than once a week, though.  As we’ve previously discussed, I went to college at … Continue reading

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