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A note on where we came from

It was never really a secret on this blog that we had a difficult time conceiving.  We were told I would never get pregnant without fertility treatment and that isn’t a sure thing. 14 months later, we found out we … Continue reading

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And then my head exploded

Oh hey, you know what is absolute hell? Baby acid reflux. The interesting thing about preemies is that they don’t necessarily scream, but the kid has been grunting and groaning all night long, which keeps me up.  Last night was … Continue reading

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The next big thing

Oh hey guys, guess who you can call Dr. S now. Can I admit that my dissertation defense felt easy?  I think I was more nervous before my half marathon.  I keep expecting them to tell me I have to … Continue reading

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So then this happened

I know I’ve been gone forever, but this past week has been killer.  Dissertation defense is next Thursday (shudder) and I’ve been visiting Charlotte a lot still.  In the last week she got a hearing test, had another eye exam, … Continue reading

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Hope’s a bitch

I think the hardest thing about this NICU stuff is that I’m always so hopeful things will go just right. If I was pessimistic, this would be easier.  No getting my hopes up that she’d stay off CPAP (I didn’t … Continue reading

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Adventures in pumping

So, for those of you who haven’t heard, I have to use a breast pump 8-10 times a day to keep my supply up until Leapster is ready to exclusively nurse (if she’s ever ready).  Anyways, one important aspect of … Continue reading

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