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11 things because I am too sick to breathe

I got tagged for this sucker twice and I’m sick as all get out (I know, still, but seriously, my lungs decided I should eff off today).  So I’m going to answer both sets of 11 questions instead of coming … Continue reading

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Confessions (I have run out of ideas)

1.  I used to be a dirty hippie.  Like no animal product eating (or wearing), “no blood for oil” t-shirt wearing hippie.  I still showered more than once a week, though.  As we’ve previously discussed, I went to college at … Continue reading

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7 Random Facts cause I’m so awesomely versatile

The Versatile Blogger There are a few basic rules with this award: 1. You have to thank the giver, and provide a link to that person’s post. Thanks, Tezrah!  I’m so glad you stumbled on my blog.  I’ve enjoyed reading your … Continue reading

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So much miscellany!

I was going to write out a whole long post on the new dog trainer and how it’s going, but she’s coming back in 15 minutes, so you’ll get your review this weekend.  It’s ok, it’ll be worth the wait. … Continue reading

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Confessions Round 6

1.  I’m intensely germaphobic.  I always order my water without lemon not because of my allergies, but because I once read that the lemon slices in restaurants are filthy. 2.  I’ve worked in hospitals since 2007 and sick people scare … Continue reading

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Somehow fleas felt like the perfect analogy for life

My dogs have fleas. Apparently all my blood flow diverting to my uterus has made me too stupid to remember to give the dog’s flea medicine.  I’ve also forgotten how to spell and form full sentences.  This is making reviewing … Continue reading

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Dead snail and know-it-all crackers

In the last 2 days I have had 24 spam comments. That means I’ve hit the big time, right?  Right? As per usual I am 8 years behind on your blogs, but I super pinky promise to catch up by … Continue reading

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