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These are my confessions (I confess I have lost count of how many of these we are on)

1.  I have an incredibly filthy mouth.  I work pretty hard to keep it at least moderately clean on here (hi, parentals!), but in real life, I make sailors blush (it’s ok, I know you are judging me).  To be … Continue reading

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Weight Loss Wednesday #2

Weight: 218.6 lb (-4.2 lbs this week, -7.2 lbs total) According to my measurements, I’ve lost 2 inches on my waist and 1.5 inches on my hips.  Pants are going to fall off any minute now (jeans are stupid.  I’m … Continue reading

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Dogs, hip injuries, and creepers.

It’s been a week. The other day, Delilah managed to eat a pack of sugar-free gum.  Sugar-free gum contains Xylitol, a chemical that can cause severe hypoglycemia, seizures, and death in dogs (note the Oxford comma.  Screw you whoever said … Continue reading

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Mishmash and assorted oddities

Good day: Pitch (the cat) left me a present Bad day: Pitch’s idea of a present is a faceless baby bunny.  He’s mad that we threw out his leftovers. Good day: I won the Strong Body by Rebecca Cyber Training … Continue reading

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